2020.02.24 New crown preventive measures and resumption of work

About COVID-19


Now Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co., have fully resumed production

To ensure that your order can be delivered on time. Ningbo Bestway Prepared enough for epidemic prevention.

1. Find out the family situation of employees and eliminate the possibility of employees being infected with viruses.

2. Daily disinfection of office area and production area to prevent cross infection of employees.

3. Every employee needs to wear a mask and full-body infrared disinfection before entering the production workshop.

4. Temporarily reject irrelevant personnel from entering the factory and office areas. Measuring temperature and fully register customers or employees who need to enter the factory.

For your cargo:

1. We will fully disinfect the goods and register the physical status of the transport personnel before the goods leave the factory.

2. The logistics department will track your goods sent out and help in the necessary transportation links.

Finally: Be sure to protect against viruses to ensure your safety. If your company lacks protection articles, you can also send an inquiry to our company. We will try our best to help you purchase.