Animal Shape Puppy Teething Toys for Small | Medium Dog

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  • SOFT AND HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: The body is made of natural non-toxic soft fabric, very sturdy. The head is made of soft stuffed plush. Dogs can clean their teeth when they are chewing it.
  • SOUND DEVICE HIDDEN IN THE HEAD: It will make a creaking sound when squeezed. Can prevent the dog from getting bored when chewing.
  • HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY IN DOGS: Dogs can chew these toys for hours In order to release its excess energy. It can relieve the dog’s anxiety and make it not pay attention to your shoes, clothes and other furniture.
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL and MEDIUM DOGS: Although this is a particularly durable toy, large dogs may still damage it, so please do not give it to large dogs.
  • CT004