Pet Thickened Mat

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Commodity Name: Pet Thickened Mat

Product Specifications: Be careful that not to exclude personal manual measurement errors of about 3cm!
The reference weight is only for participation, purchase according to personal needs, thank you!
1#Specifications: length 35cM width 27cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 3 kg for pets)

2#Specifications: length 47cM width 33cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 3 kg for pets)
3#Specifications: length 57cM width 38cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 6 kg for pets)
4#Specifications: length 67cM width 48cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 10 kg for pets)
5#Specifications: length 80cM width 57cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 25 kg for pets)
6#Specifications: length 97cM width 68cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 35 kg for pets)
7# Specification: length 110CM width 75cM about 3 cm thickness (approximately 50 kg for pets)

Product Description:
One side of this cushion is flannel or coral fleece or arctic fleece or super soft fleece or polar fleece or ice silk mat; one side is lamb fleece or arctic fleece or polar fleece or flannel, reinforced on both sides, the interlayer is sprayed cotton . It is easy to use, it can be placed in other nests or directly used alone, soft and comfortable.

  • PB014