The second before being euthanasia, G said a word that completely changed its fate

Do you remember the mood when you had your first pet?


The story starts with angel G, a 2-year-old girl in Ohio, and her first puppy.

Little girl G like animals since childhood. One day, her mother Audra took G to the local animal adoption house. Audra thought the little G would prefer a sweet-looking dog. But surprisingly, little G pointed to a Pit Bull curled up in the corner. The dog had no name, huddled aside and looked timid, smelly and snotty. No wonder that this little puppy has not been adopted.


G was so attracted to the Pit Bull that she didn’t even look at the other ones. Then she said: mummy, that one. Hearing that, the Pit Bull was pacing back and forth in the cage with its tail wagging briskly. All staff member was surprised also.


In fact, the dog was about to be euthanasia because it has not been adopted for a long time. Little G said: let it out, it needs help. The dog just came out a little unfit, and touch little G with its nose. At the end of the story, the little girl G saved the dog from death, and gave it a new name: Scarlett. 


Dogs are our best companions, great partners and loyal friends. If you keep them, please give them more love and patience.