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2019.01.28 2018 Annual meeting

Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co., Ltd held the 2018 annual meeting on Jan.28,2019. In the ndfeb magnet industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce today, here I wish the company industry version performance is getting better and better, more on the floorWish be better in 2019!

2019 01-18
2019.12.24 Christmas

Bestway Magnet members celebrate the Christmas together.Evevybody shares their wishes for the new year.

2019 12-24
2019.08.03 tourism

Bestway Magnet members, the big Bestway family went for take a trip to Suzhou on 2019 summer from Aug 19-21,2019.

2019 08-03
The second before being euthanasia, G said a word that completely changed its fate

Do you remember the mood when you had your first pet?The story starts with angel G, a 2-year-old girl in Ohio, and her first puppy.Little girl G like animals since childhood. One day, her mother Audra took G to the local animal adoption house. Audra thought the little G would prefer a sweet-looking dog. But surprisingly, little G pointed to a Pit Bull curled up in the corner. The dog had no name, huddled aside and looked timid, smelly and snotty. No wonder that this little puppy has not been adopted.

2020 09-02
2020.01.16 2019 Annual Meeting

Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co., Ltd held the 2019 annual meeting on Jan.,2020. In the past year, the company has made brilliant achievements under the wise leadership of the company leaders and the unremitting efforts of all the employees.All the Bestway Members celebrate together on the great party, singing and dancing.Wish the company better and better in 2020!

2020 01-16
2020.02.24 New crown preventive measures and resumption of work

Now Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co., have fully resumed production To ensure that your order can be delivered on time. Ningbo Bestway Prepared enough for epidemic prevention. 1. Find out the family situation of employees and eliminate the possibility of employees being infected with viruses. 2. Daily disinfection of office area and production area to prevent cross infection of employees. 3. Every employee needs to wear a mask and full-body infrared disinfection before entering the production workshop. 4. Temporarily reject irrelevant personnel from entering the factory and office areas. Measuring temperature and fully register customers or employees who need to enter the factory.

2020 02-14